Latrice Smith


Hello, my name is Coach Tri, I certify in being a glute specialist, personal training, and nutrition making me a well-rounded trainer when developing strength, endurance, and flexibility. Making T.W.T. Services ideal for athletes especially when centering strong glutes. Literally clients of all ages starting at 14 years of age and up. T.W.T. has progressive tailor-made programs to help you along your fitness journey. Stationed in Dallas/Duncanville area, I also provide travel expenses depending on client's needs. I found a passion towards fitness years ago at O.C.B.F. Fitness Center under Mr. Floyd Williams IFBB Pro who openly gave me all the knowledge I needed to train men and women. Which made me want to branch out on my own and study women physic just as much as I had learned about working out with men. Click the "Book Now" button, select a program and see how T.W.T. can help on your fitness journey! I look forward to being able to help you reach your fitness goals in any way I can. Thank you in advance for the inquiry, look forward to servicing you!